Choreographed performances

Choreographed Performances

Solo Blues performance – The Red Shoes – Sweet Molasses Blues 2015

“All Over Again” with Natalya Gomez & Shawn Hershey

“Lawd, You Made the Night too Long” with Joe DeMers

“Blue Midnight”

“Anna Lee”

“Makin’ Whoopee” (videography by Jerry Almonte)

“Old Fashioned Morphine” with Amanda Gruhl (choreography by both of us)

“Dark Sunshine” with Jenn Martinez

“In the Dark” with Shawn Hershey

Other performances

“remake of Grit Grinder Girlies routine from ALCH 1999” choreographed by the Grit Grinder Girlies

“Mojo Aristocracy” choreographed by all of us

“Creole Love Call” choreographed by Megan Damon & Amanda Gruhl

Watch more on my YouTube playlist


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